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Animal Bioacoustics is the study of sound production, processing and perception in non-human animals. It includes within its scope the following: animal communication and associated behaviors, sound production anatomy, analysis of animal generated sounds, auditory capacities and mechanisms of animals. It also includes the use of instrumental sonar for animal population assessment, identification, and behavior, as well as the effects of human-made noise on animals.

Here you will find information about our Technical Committee activities.

Please click here to access the topics and information discussed in our most recent Animal Bioacoustics Technical Committee Meeting in Providence, 2014.

For questions related to the Acoustical Society of America Animal Bioacoustics Technical Committee please contact the current chair:

Cynthia F. Moss
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles St., Ames Hall 200B
Baltimore, MD 21218
email: cynthia.moss@jhu.edu
tel: 410-516-6483

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