by Holger Klinck & Dave Mellinger

Welcome to animal BIOACOUSTICS

animal BIOACOUSTICS, often called simply bioacoustics, is the study of sound in non-human animals. It includes within its scope:

  1. animal communication and associated behavior
  2. sound production anatomy and neurophysiology of animals
  3. auditory capacities and auditory mechanisms of animals
  4. instrumental sonar: use in population assessment, identification, and behavior
  5. effects of human-made noise on animals

This website as well as the bioacoustics-l mailing list is maintained by Holger Klinck & Dave Mellinger. Please send an email about any needed additions and corrections to Holger.Klinck[at]oregonstate.edu.

For questions related to the Acoustical Society of America Animal Bioacoustics Technical Committee please contact the current chair:

Cynthia F. Moss
Department of Psychology and Institute for Systems Research
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
email: cynthia.moss[at]gmail.com
tel: +1-301-405-0353 (office), +1-301-405-0374 (lab)
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